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Mikkel is interested in artist participation and has recently devised and led inter-generational projects, working with children from 8 years to adults in their nineties.

Mikkel aims to help nurture talent and confidence in young people who struggle in mainstream education and the elderly who can become very isolated, through her work and through collaboration across Leeds, using wellbeing as a point of inspiration.

Mikkel has grown up in Leeds and originally studied and played a lot of sport, but after being diagnosed with an auto immune illness she turned to art as a means of therapy and rehabilitation. 


Whilst studying for a BA in Fine Art she suffered a serious stroke which led to her having to relearn many skills and develop new ways of working which she was able to integrate into an MA in Creative Practice at Leeds Arts University.


Mikkel is a painter with a very urban style, using spray paint and acrylics, and primitive approaches to vibrant mark making.


Interested in all forms of popular culture, her interpretation of painting incorporates street art, fashion and dance. Collaborating extensively with musicians, dancers, and artists from different backgrounds using an inter-disciplinary approach that incorporates dance, film, photography, fashion, art and music.


Instagram - mikkelurbanartist 

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